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Pictures and Booths

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Hey all,

If anyone is interested in having a booth at the artisan/trade show on March 6th please email for more information. Booths are either a $25 donation or a donation of prizes for contests. You are always welcome of course to donate more as Desotorow Gallery is a non-profits organization and we run entirely off donations.

And now for some more pictures from bike polo last weekend. Photographs by Vicky Jenkinson.



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Hey guys we made prollyisnotprobably!

Entree Flyer now available

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The flyer is now up! And we start mass distribution this weekend. The information on how to enter pieces into the show are now up on

I will hopefully be giving a presentation about Spoked! Tomorrow at the River Club in Savannah. For more information about bikes, safety and sustainability come check it out. River Club 9AM tomorrow!

Thanks to Graham Carswell for the awesome bike man.

Call for Entrees on the art show!

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Check out desotorows website for all the entree information.


Bike Polo Pics

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Bike Polo in Savannah

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Hey Guys,

I headed out to the bike polo tournament in Savannah today to spread the word on Spoked! We had a lot of positive responses about the event and hopefully we will be seeing all the contenders at Spoked in March.

I’ll be posting photos of bike polo too for all of those interested.


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Hey guys,

So the sponsorship search is well underway. We have already had an awesome pledge from the Savannah Bicycle Campaign! Check out information about them at:

Keep it here for more information.


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We finally got approval for the Starland Parking lot! So get ready kids SpokedSAV is on its away to a success. Remember to follow us on Twitter @SpokedSAV for more updates. Keep it here for all the latest news about the bike festival!


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This blog will provide information for those interested in the event Spoked! Which is a bicycle themed weekend and festival in Savannah GA. We will have more information as we go and feel free to request information from

You can find more information about just Desotorow Gallery at


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Here is some information about Desotorow Gallery, Inc.

We are a non-profit arts organization in the Savannah Starlander community that has an eye for sustainability. We are hoping Spoked will be a way to help raise awareness about sustainable transportation.

Checkout more information about Desotorow at:

Make sure to follow us on Twitter: @SpokedSAV and @desotorow